Forever 21: Opening day

We hot-footed it to US budget fashion Retailer Forever 21’s latest store on Oxford St, (fronted by notable blogger Bip Ling) this morning and were greeted by roller-skating promo girls, free icecream – oh yes – and mini goodie bags. (It’s opposite Bond St station in case you were wondering).

On your marks...

Within a couple of hours the place was swarming with excited shoppers piling clothes into baskets like there was no tomorrow. It reminded me a little of Primark in its heyday and the quality of most items of clothing is comparable- fine if you want a quick fashion fix but probably not a sensible idea for investment pieces to keep.

While the fake graffiti decor did little for me, some of the tribal-style items were interesting – a cheap and cheerful way of tapping into a trend and updating some better quality staples already in the wardrobe.

Here are a few of my favourite picks. Did you brave the crowds today? Let us know what you thought x

Tribal maxi skirt - only £16.75 but 100% polyester

Tribal cropped top £14.75

Tribal print pants £14.75 (cotton!) Don't suit everyone but v fashion forward


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