Scallop specialities – not at all fishy

We promised you a blog revealing the link between seafood and fashion and here it is – behold the scalloped neckline and hem – fun, retro, flattering and great for work as well as play, this is a super friendly trend du jour. Bon appetite.

Co-ord scallop boucle skirt £38 at Topshop - handy for work?

Tuck in this short sleeved scallop blouse? £28 also Topshop

Rabbit print scallop purse £8 (Oops Topshop again) for closet clam-lovers!

Cheap & chic scallop hem skirt from Forever21 Just £16.75!

Super cute Nishe scalloped collar wool jacket £80 via ASOS

PARTY SCALLOP! From ASOS Salon embellished top £85

Finish the look with this marbled perspex bag from ASOS Salon reduced from £65 to £20...a seaside steal that Arial the mermaid would def be after!

P.S. Because our first Tweet sounded like we were trying to tell a joke- here are some really bad seafood lines (use at your peril)

I went to a seafood disco last week… and pulled a muscle

Frankly, my scallop, I don’t give a Clam!



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