Glee kids promo FNO

Gleek alert! Everyone’s fav musically-minded high schoolers have gone all ‘fashion’ to promote Vogue’s forthcoming Fashion Night  Out (FNO to those in the know) by re-working David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ – how apt.

We’re not much of a fan of the re-mix (BIG Bowie fans) but do love the looks esp Lea Michele and Diana Agron’s metallic outfits.

Agron (Quinn) looks great with her shorter hair and eye-catching Marc Jacobs super-sized sequin skirt, while Lea (Rachel Berry) sparkles in Balmain and vampy red lipstick.

But the most suprising transformation? Artie Abrams (actor Kevin McHale) has ditched his wheelchair and can magically dance! Oh the power of some designer threads!

We love The Telegraph’s comments: “We knew Anna Wintour was all-powerful, but had no idea her capabilities extended to healing the sick.” Quite!

Fancy yourself as a Rachel? Check out this Topshop sparkly number – a bit like Balmain but on a budget!

Black Metallic Detail Bodycon Dress by Dress Up Topshop £150

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