Disney Devotees Get Excited!

We don’t think Disney has ever been out of fashion with kids, but it is definitely having a new fashion grown-up moment with designer jewellery, artistic magazine covers and more.

ASOS is now stocking a fresh bunch of Disney Couture jewellery but this time it’s got some extra star quality with collaboration
with Mawi. We want it all – especially the ribbon necklace and crustal pendant – *must save pennies /wish upon a star.*

Disney Couture Mawi Minnie Platinum Plated Pendant Necklace With Crystal Ears - from ASOS £85

Disney Couture Mawi Minnie Gold Plated Faux Pearl And Gorsgain Long Necklace £85

Disney Couture Mawi Minnie Gold Plated Ring With Ivory Faux Pearl And Black Enamel Ears £34

Disney Couture 'Have Faith In Your Dreams' Bangle £28

Just after lusting over the Disney/Mawi collection, we stumbled across an article on www.Stylist.co.uk  where artist Dante Tyler Brown has given Disney Princesses a fashion makeover and their first Vogue cover. Belle has never looked so hot and definitely doesn’t have to settle for a beast anymore!

While the illustrations haven’t graced the cover of Vogue just yet, we reckon Anna Wintour should give it a go – or maybe super models as Disney princesses?! Just an idea.

Princess Jasmine & Pocahontas

Belle & Cinderella

Ariel & Aurora

Snow White & The Princess and The Frog

And finally, birthday Demi Lovato chose Disneyland to celebrate her 19th with grunged-up Minnie Mouse Ears. (She’s second from the left in case you’re struggling!)

Demi does Disney!


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