Cheryl Cole regains her XFactor in Pucci

We never believed that Cheryl Cole had lost her XFactor and her place as the nation’s sweetheart/pet after going quiet post XFactor USA and Ashleygate 3, but it seems that the rumours of Cheryl appearing in a Hollywood film are true.

Cheryl is has a cameo in ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ and has started filming in Atlanta Georgia with Cameron Diaz, TheDaily Mail reports.

Looking stylish on set in a figure-hugging lace dress by Emilio Pucci, she totters on Christian Louboutin skyscrapers that are later replaced with flat silver sandals. Keep scrolling for pics of Cameron’s super curly hair do!

Cheryl apparently plays a talent show judge in the film, which also includes Chris Rock and Matthew Morrison in the cast.  The film is thought to follow the lives of four couples who are about to become parents so we’re not quite sure where this talent show plot fits in!

P.S. Has anyone else noticed the trend for slightly-older chick flicks/baby dramas? SATC2/3 has a lot to answer for!

Daring dress by Pucci; iced tea accessory by Cheryl

Swaps to sandals between takes

Cameron keeps her outfit under wraps but shows off her super curly hair!


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