No make-up celebs – Hudgens, Minogue, Adele & More

We’re all used to seeing Hollywood A-listers  and pop stars in glossy mags, so when we opened various papers this morning to catch up celeb gossip, we were struck by how many stories there were about stars ‘off duty’.

While no doubt some people will bemoan their lack of effort or criticise the odd blemish, we think it’s refreshing to see some of our favourite stylish women dressed down and still looking great!

We won’t harp on about role models and the high standards of ‘perfection’ some women feel pressurised to achieve when they haven’t got access to a squillion pound wardrobe and entourage of stylists, make-up artists and Photoshoppers but we do think it’s nice to see the ‘real’ style of stars now and again.

Vanessa Hudgens matches casual hat with vintage-look t-shirt for Hollywood cool

Kylie stays classy in a classic mac - handy for London weather!

Bar Refaeli dares to wear double denim (but can pull anything off!) Her friend looks good too!

Kelly Osbourne looks radiant make-up free. We love her kooky glasses and v Ozzy-style necklace.

That's Adele under all those clothes at LA X! Great 70s inspired hat, trendy coat and oversized tote - but how she keeps cool in the California sun we'll never know!

All pics from The Daily Mail today.

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2 responses to “No make-up celebs – Hudgens, Minogue, Adele & More”

  1. nadia bieber says :

    they look better then me:)

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