Fashion’s Night Out: Top Tipples

Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) landed in London last night  and as dedicated bloggers, we felt that it was our duty to sample the best cocktails that London’s finest flagship stores had to offer.

The prize for the most beautiful cocktail unsurprisingly has to go to Alexander McQueen.

McQueen cocktail

McQueen cocktail - note it's half gone!

The McQueen event was eye-wateringly beautiful and we were really chuffed to get hold of one of the limited number of keys handed out on the night.  Although we didn’t win any prizes, the cocktail was incredible with its floating flower and delicate taste that reminded us of Parma Violets.  It has to be said though that holding a drink next to stunning McQueen creations couldn’t be any more nerve-wracking!

Now the prize for the cocktail that we could drink all night: Louis Vuitton’s Citrus Mojito.

Louis Vuitton Mojito

Louis Vuitton's Citrus Mojito

Tangy and refreshing, this might well have been our favourite cocktail.  We could have stayed in Louis Vuitton all evening – and there were some great pieces of art to look at too (we’re not alcoholics-honest!)

We managed to drag ourselves away to find the best novelty cocktail, brought to us by Liberty’s and Mahiki.

Libertys Mahiki

It's all about the pineapple

Liberty’s were offering two scrumptious cocktails courtesy of Mahiki – the Mahiki Colada and Coconut Breeze. Sweet and tasty cocktails + Hawaiian garlands (combined with the sheer amount of liquid that a pineapple can hold!) = extremely satisfied Liberty’s fans.  A great place to end the evening.

p.s. Always drink from pineapples responsibly x


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