Tutti Fruity: Who wore it best? Leighton Meester or Kate Bosworth?

We all know the song oranges and lemons and that both fruits were massive this summer in the prints of Stella McCartney, but two of our favourite style icons have been snapped in bold tutti fruity ensembles today.

Filming the new season of Gossip Girl (we can’t wait!) Leighton Meester pulled off a tricky yellow look with a neutral and yellow bodycon skirt, lemon-print blouse, neon heels and super cute sunshine hat/fascinator in typical Blair Waldorf fashion.

The Daily Mail reckons Leighton looks like ‘a right lemon.’ We disagree!

No-one can rock a hair accessory like Blair!

Wish we could look like this when 'just resting' between takes!

Also raiding her fruit bowl for inspiration was Kate Bosworth, rocking a beautifully simple orange dress, perhaps showing her
fashion pedigree as tangerine was one of the hot colours shown in New York Fashion Week’s Spring collections. Well, she is a trendsetter!

We notice Kate’s swapped her dip-dyed blue hair look for a glossy blonde again.

California is known for it's oranges after all.

Juicy couture? (Not the label!)

Pics from The DM.


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One response to “Tutti Fruity: Who wore it best? Leighton Meester or Kate Bosworth?”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Thanks for your lovely comment! I love Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl and like the outfit especially the yellow, but I really love Kate in this peach dress and heels again simple elegance 🙂 Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

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