LFW: Peter Pilotto master of print

I’m a huge fan of contemporary artists Kozyndan (who have an obsession with rabbits, water and Japan) and the Peter Pilotto collection kind of reminded me of these artists – mainly because I can stare at their work for hours on end and not get bored.

Apparently inspired by a recent holiday to Indonesia, Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos’ work was full of
blues, plants and sea life. Going further with the sea theme, they also used neoprene for a literal scuba interpretation and chunky zips.

We fell in love with the sporty racer backed dresses, skinny trous and luxe tees – super easy to wear and all with mesmerising patterns – joining other designers at New York fashion Week who are investigating dense prints and symmetrical patterns.

Will do ANYTHING for this dress

Shot of lemon yellow contrasts with the blue

Neoprene shoulders - could tectured shoulders be a micro trend?

Red with more patterns that play with the silhouette

Another one to put on my wish-list

Diagonal print cinches in the waist - super flattering!

And a little Kozyndan for you…

This one's called 'Tossed'. Spot the bunnies!


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