LFW: Pippa Middleton chooses short and sweet dress for Temperley FROW

FROW faux-pas or simply daring? Pippa Middleton wore a v short dress to take in Alice Temperley’s latest catwalk collection. She was joined on the front row by actress Rosario Dawson and Peaches Geldof.

Models drifted down the catwalk wearing Temperley’s signature floaty gowns as well as 70s style trousers and ultra sheer blouses.
The designer (who was behind Pippa’s stunning bridesmaids dress for a certain royal wedding this summer) was apparently inspired by Grace Kelly in High Society as well as Michelle Pffeifer in Scarface, leading to flouncy jumpsuits and ‘classic’ Temperley dresses with risqué slits for more of an edge (presumably the Scar Face bit!)

Short and sweet!

FROW faux pas?

All the action on the front row

Peaches looks v 'Lady of Shallot'

Signature Temperley gowns

Super sheer blouses came in black and white

..and super sexy jumpsuits


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