WOW! World’s biggest dress?!

A Korean artist has created a dress that lets 238 people wear it at once!

How, you ask? Well, Aamu Song has crafted ‘REDDRESS with lots of ‘pockets’ in a MASSIVE skirt of a v-neck ball gown so people can fit inside them like fashionable sleeping bags.

The colossal dress is created from a staggering 550 metres of wool and measures around 20 metres in diameter. The actual gown itself is about 3 metres high. Londoners can go and oggle it at York Hall as part of the London Design Festival and art performer types will sing from inside the dress while the public can lie in the pockets apparently.

The artist reportedly said: ‘REDDRESS aims to question the roles we play as the participant or performer, as well as elevating the experiential boundaries of this versatile relationship.’

Sounds cool, but we just want to drop by because it’s a REALLY BIG DRESS!

Sleeping bag style 'pockets'. Cosy or freaky?!

OMG that's a seriously big dress!

Story and pics from The DM


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2 responses to “WOW! World’s biggest dress?!”

  1. Hunter Keaton says :


  2. alice king says :

    i love red cuz i feel good

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