Alexa Chung for Madewell has landed!

Indie princess Alexa Chung + cool US brand Madewell = collaboration heaven.

Every piece of the collection looks like something that Alexa would actually wear. We especially love the ‘ugly’ cardigan, pyjama style trousers, ‘maud’ mini skirt and leopard skin boots. But be warned, it is pricey.

The collection went on sale in LA yesterday and costs between $25 for a quirky purse and $500 for a rather lush jacket.
News flash- the pretty leopard booties have already sold out! *Sigh*                                 ….SCROLL DOWN FOR CELEBS

Cassie Crewneck $118 +Valentine PJ pants $200 (we love!)

Our fav look - Maud skirt $375 ouch!

I'm Serious tee $50 + high waist Thora shorts $88

Amazing image; amazing Carine dress $265

Alexa’s stylish celeb mates were out to launch her range too. Elle Fanning wore a lace dress from the collection, while Kate Bosworth looked her usual lovely self. Amanda Seyfried and Dianna Agron were also at the party.

Fashionable trio Elle Fanning, Alexa and Kate Bosworth.

Pic: Catwalk Queen.


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