Micro trend: Tiger hats- Jessie J + Nicky Minaj think they’re grrrrrreat!

A confession to start with – we have a soft spot for novelty woolly hats, our favourite being a husky beanie purchased from Topshop last year. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t think this latest tiger hat trend is a little, well, brave (some might say crazy).

That taste maker/breaker Nicky Minaj kicked off this trend at New York Fashion Week – wearing a tiger hat on the FROW (as well as jackets covered in pom poms etc) and now Jessie J has been spotted prowling around Paris in similar head gear.

Looks grrrreat? (Cat-print hair optional)

Out on the prowl

Are you brave enough to climb aboard the tiger trend train? If you are, we’ve spotted a similar hat in River Island for £19.99 and a fluffier version in Selfridges for just shy of £40, (as modelled by Sarah of Snap Fashion) in fact this was before Nicki Minaj gave the look a try – just saying.

A little confused to find a tiger hat in a Christmas shop.

Almost identical to Nicky's...if that's a good thing?

Jessie obviously likes her purple shoe too- as worn at the BlackBerry 7 party (with understated starry catsuit)

Pics: The DM.


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