MFW: Grease is the word for Prada

If attempted by anyone other than Prada, Grease-inspired clothes with car prints would be tacky, if not childish but somehow it all works.

Inspiration: Cars with flames of exhaust, 50s, arguably Grease and kitch Americana.

The Look: Grown-up 50s fun. Pleated skirts with flames, car-print pencil skirts, bare stomachs (yeah, we know…exercise alert) cute cotton house coats, elastic waist dresses in milkshake colours and of course full 50s skirts.  For parties- glam satin swimsuits in black, plum and red, gold rhinestone jackets with cars.

Best Bit: Heels with ornate detailing and flames shooting out from the back – fierce. The car prints – we love.

Notes: We thought banana and monkey prints were a little OTT last Prada show (and yet I own a pair of yellow banana earrings and wore them – a lot) so we can’t wait to see how this look catches on!

Favourite dress of the collection?

Pretty in pastel

Big car print pencil? Too much of a good thing? We think not!

An amazing array of colours and patterns - we love it.

And accessories to die for!

Shoe lust. So so hot!

Will this be the banana print moment of this Spring?


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