World’s longest wedding dress!

You’ve seen one white wedding dress you’ve seen them all right? Well, one Italian bride has broken the world record for the longest ever veil…at 3km long! Last week we spotted a giant red dress that can fit 238 people inside,  but this white one takes some beating.

Apparently 600 people helped to keep Elena de Angelis’ veil off the floor, which isn’t too surprising seeing as it could run the length of 28 football pitches.

Designer Gianni Molaro Campania, reportedly said: “I met tens of thousands of people on the way to the church who complimented my idea. I wanted this veil to symbolise peace and hope and I think we have achieved this. This has been one of the biggest moments in my career as a designer.”

Bless…but how to cram them all into the wedding photograph?

The great unveiling

Pic: DigitalSpy.

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