GASP gaff: Worst fashion customer service fail ever?

Here at Snap Fashion we’re working on ways to change the way you shop online – so you can search for clothes using photos and find clothes to fit your body shape. We want to put some ‘extra value’ into your online shopping experience so it’s like having a stylist at your disposal or advice from a super helpful high-end assistant in a designer shop…

…so we were shocked when we heard about this fashion customer service fail! Seriously- could you make a customer’s shopping trip any more miserable? Mary Portas would be on the war path.

The story goes like this…A woman called Keara O’Neill was shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses with her friends in a GASP shop in Australia and experienced such rubbish customer service she complained to the chain’s head office – only to be further insulted.

In store the girls claim to have been patronised by the shop assistant, who reportedly said: I knew you girls were a joke the minute you walked in.”

So you’d expect most shops to have a go at such a rude employee and beg for consumer forgiveness right? Not at GASP.

The chain replied to the complaint via email, reportedly saying: Chris whom served you is a qualified stylist whom has a sixth sense for fashion, and Chris’s only problem is that he is too good at what he does. Chris is a retail superstar, who possesses unparalleled ability, and I am sorry you feel upset by him, but he knew you were not going to buy anything before you even left your house.”

Not content with being rude to customers, the shop goes on to say that it doesn’t want to appeal the masses, who it implies are or should be ‘frightened’ of being so fashion forward.

The email apparently said: “Our range is worn by A list celebrities to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry to name only a few. Now, as one might appreciate, the style counsel for these types of celebrities are not ones to pick ‘run of the mill’ type clothing.”

The email ends with the charming comment that “It is probably fair to assume, a lot of what I have said in this email, either doesn’t make sense to you, or you totally disagree with it all.”

This sort of disgusting fashion snobbery and nastiness in making people feel bad about themselves is what we want to change. And while we can’t (unfortunately) clamp down on mean shop assistants we will be bringing you a positive styling Snap Fashion tool for your mobile and as a website early next year to help you find clothes you love that suit your body shape.

GASP (thankfully not in the UK) sells dresses for between £75 and £800 and has apparently been inundated by customers since the incident, but also received a load of negative comments via Facebook and Twitter including one from Australian model and MTV presenter Ruby Rose, who apparently tweeted: “I am actually laughing.. I can’t believe gasp called themselves fashion forward. Sweetheart you sell polyester dresses u ain’t no Prada.”

We want to know if you have experienced similar shocking customer service (we hope not!) or if you’d rather buy designer good online or in stores.

Source+ full emails


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