Kanye West’s fashion week graduation: Don’t give up the day job?

We’ve been intrigued for a while to see Kanye West’s fashion collection but was it worth the wait? One fashion editor described the collection as Herve Leger meets Donald Trump and we’re not entirely sure we disagree!

There are of course some excellent examples of celebrities turned fashion designersVictoria Beckham, Alexa Chung for Madewell, The Olsens’ The Row…but there are some real turkeys too! We don’t want to completely write off Kanye’s efforts but well, we weren’t blown away and particularly did not like the heavily Herve Leger inspired bandage dress with so many slashes it looked like it was coming undone. Rapper-style ultra tight metallic trous and shaggy fur coats were just a little too much for us, but the show certainly sported an impressive frow (including Anna Wintour, Leigh Lezark, Lindsay Lohan and The Olsen’s) if not a mind-blowing collection.

Should Kanye stick to the day job or are you impressed?

The ever-stylish Olsens

A good look for Lindsay?

Hot or not?

The bandage unravels!


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One response to “Kanye West’s fashion week graduation: Don’t give up the day job?”

  1. chameleonic says :

    LOVE the unravelling bandage dress!

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