Discovery Monday! (Me & Zena)

We’re usually pretty spent by Monday evening – maybe it’s the shock of it not being the weekend any more, the lack of good TV or the 4 more working days of the week, so to perk you up and expand your mind (or at least shopping list) we bring you…Discovery Monday!

The idea is that we find a new fashion brand, wondrous website, little-known blog, amazing shop; in fact anything fashion-related to share with you and we’d love your suggestions too.  Let’s add a teeny bit of excitement to Monday nights!

First up we give you Me & Zena. Think amazingly cute jewellery at Topshop-friendly prices with witty slogans and a good dose of pop culture (yeah we got excited too!)

The brand is the brainchild of Zena Mckeown, who moved to London “clueless and broke, with a dream in her heart and a teenager in her soul, shouting things about unicorns, gold and love.” Sounds like our kind of girl. She has a penchnat for “all things small, shiny and symbolic,” well don’t we all!

Rabbit rings, be-jewelled robot necklaces, ‘Vampire bites’ ranges and a tote that reads “You have the right to remain romantic” the brand lets wears be a little whimsical whilst still looking fashion-forward (win!) and even better…its available from one of our favourite ever websites- Culture Label (bookmark it and you’ll never have present buying angst again!)

Love Me & Zena as much as we do or have a good idea for next week? Let us know!

Let's face it we all need one of these! £14

"I See You" ring £21 and perfect for the Navajo trend

Bargain ahoy! £14!

Mighty Robot Locket £28

Proof we're not the brand's only admirers!

P.S. other celeb fans include Rihanna and Daisy Lowe – seems we’re late to the party!

N.B. (loving the acronyms) we haven’t been bribed with freebies or money- this is stuff we genuinely like 🙂


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