Jean trends (not in the way you think)

We were trying to think back to the time when EVERYONE started wearing skinny jeans (not just punks, EMO kids and very skinny people!) And we reckon it’s about 7 years ago (maybe).

So we were kind-of surprised that skinny jeans are the 3rd most-sold type of jean on eBay – behind bootleg and straight leg! In fact almost four times as many pairs of bootcut jeans were bought for every one pair of skinnies.

Vital statistics?

What does this tell us?!

1) The last time I got excited about buying a pair of boot cut jeans was when I was also lusting a pair of platform trainers
and The Spice Girls were in vogue. Maybe eBay denim buyers are stuck in a style rut?

2) People who shop for denim on eBay go for designer labels or shop for bargains; maybe they don’t spend a lot of time in shops so are less aware of trends? Thinking about it if you go for a scout round TK Maxx there are heaps of (high quality and designer) bootcut bargains.

3) People are shopping for their body shape…really? We’d love to think this was the case. The 2 top sellers (bootcut and straight leg) are incredibly flattering cuts, particularly for pear and apple-shaped women and those with a fuller figure. We’re bringing out a body shape app soon to help…watch this space!

4) Shoppers possibly follow trends in other pieces of clothing and ignore that jeans can be really directional. We’re currently loving super flattering 70s flares with a blouse and floppy hat – so much more forgiving than skinnies and not as hot in the sun!

Which jeans tribe are you? Sassy skinnies, model-off-duty straight cut, fantastically relaxed flares or bootcut forever?!

P.S. We all know that leggings have been huge for a long time- maybe a lot of people don’t fancy buying used ones off eBay (eew?) so the results could be a little skewed!

Think skinny jeans + we think Victoria Beckham (usually with sky high heels)

Make like Hayden Panettiere and join the relaxed bootcut club?


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