Dior Drab? Miranda Kerr + celebs may disagree

Apparently described as a ‘palate cleanser’ after John Galliano left a bad (racist and anti-semitic) taste in Dior’s mouth, this was one play-it-safe collection!

Apparently the idea of this first post-Galliano collection was to say – ‘hey, we’re Dior, we’re still classy, classic and so damned tasteful!’ So I guess that works. I actually really liked some of the dresses. Overall, maybe it was a little tame for the catwalk but infinitely wearable?

However, more exciting was the frow action! Orlando Bloom is clearly his wife, Miranda Kerr‘s biggest fan, while Leigh Lezark, Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevingne in attendance too.

Official photographer sits frow

I would quite like this super cute cream print Dior dress

Miranda Kerr looks great in crimped crepe

Orlando and Poppy Delevigne

We love this blue dress

Leigh Lezark rocking her signature style

Olivia Palermo - sheer fashion genius?


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