PFW: Chanel: Underwater odyssey

As we near the end of Paris Fashion Week (and indeed New York, London and Milan) there are some shows that you know you’ll remember in years to come…and this SS12 Chanel show is one of them!

The theme: Underwater (like Versace) but with iridescent tweed coats, translucent layering, metallic booties, shell-shaped bags, frothy hemlines like waves breaking on a beach (might be getting swept up in the romance of it all…) faux pearl piercings, wet-look cloth and all with that beautiful Chanel elegance and simplicity. If I could have everything in one collection this. would. be. it!

Florence Welch provided a live soundtrack –  v Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

We won’t wax lyrical but have carefully (beach) combed Twitter for so many pics. Enjoy x

Setting the scene: The Grand Palais is transformed!

Coats to die for!

The show's first look and model Freja - we LOVE the silver boots!

Most perfect frothy hem and so Chanel

Sparkly tweed (my favourite look - maybe!)

Dig out those pearl earrings! (apparently these are fake piercings - phew!)

A twist on the classic white tweed and Chanel signature quilting

The PERFECT Spring work outfit

Backstage (oh we love the middle dress!)

Grey and black pieces in the finale

A closer look

And for the white stuff!

Pics pulled from various fashion eds and frow people in the heat of the moment- happy to credit (but we lost track- too excited – sorry!) P.S. We’re so so jealous of the make-up goodie bags!

P.S. check out Anna dello Russo's amazing frow look


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