The fashion economics of a break-up

Fashion films are synonymous with relationships – think The Devil Wears Prada, Coco Before Chanel, Clueless etc. They all involve heartache and a new wardrobe. I would have dismissed all of this the usual chick-flick clichés but it now seems that statistics have proved me wrong.

Apparently women spend an average of £500 after being dumped, according to a Superdrug survey. Most of it (£122) goes on new clothes to boost self-esteem and try a new look (while haircuts, spray tans, new shoes and make-up, manicures and gym memberships also figure).

But while some women spend money in an attempt to get over their ex, others are actually profiting from their break-up!

The Divorcée Sale has figured on US news and is designed for rich women wanting to sell designer clothes they associate with their marriage. It’s spun as a chance to break with the past and move on (as well as make a little cash).

Brainchild of the sale, Jil Alexander, told The Daily Mail: You go to these women’s homes and they have closets of Chanel bags that they no longer need, gowns they no longer need, fur coats that they no longer need… Life changes when you go through a divorce.”

A cut of the sales go to women’s charities and items like ball gowns and Jimmy Choos sell for hundreds of dollars in shopping events that apparently take place in pricey hotel rooms. Classy consignment trend or heartbreak hotel- we’re not too sure!

Are break-ups part of every girl’s style evolution? Is profiting from a past relationship ok? Let us know!

If only it worked!

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