Lady Gaga channels Cousin It

We know it’s October but it’s not Halloween yet! So far Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have dressed up as Batman and other slightly scary characters for their StyleMint collection video and Miu Miu showed its witchy collection on zombie-effect models. Now it seems Lady Gaga has got her fashion inspiration from the Adam’s Family – specifically Cousin It.

We liked Gaga’s recent beehive do with a green streak and this look wth the super huge hairy hat (and dress) is definitely – brave.

One hair-raising outfit!

Gaga has experimented with the hairy look before - this yeti style has yet to catch on!

Cheryl Cole was also at the HTC and Beats Audio party last night wearing on-trend leather leggings and an intriguing polka dot ‘illusion- style’ tee with a scary face on it! We have serious hair envy (Cheryl’s not Gaga’s!)

Scary t-shirt: a must-have for October?

Meanwhile, Naomi Campbell looks, well strange’ on the cover of Lurve magazine (come might say scary…where have her eyebrows gone?!)

Do you Lurve it?

Pics: DM

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