Unlikely Fashion Icon: Pat Butcher

A/W11 is a season for Eastenders’ Pat Butcher with animal prints, faux leather and statement earrings all perfectly acceptable…in the right kind of way.

Pat is known for her huge earrings and they’re having a fashion moment! Dolce & Gabanna is leading the way with huge star dangley earrings for this season and playful pasta for Spring…Pat would be proud!

Unlikely fashion icon?

Rickaaaay! Get your spanner they won't come off!

ASOS (and the Albert Square Minute Mart) have a HUGE selection of ‘bad taste’ earrings, perfect for pepping up that simplest of lazy weekend ensembles – the simple jeans/white tee or grey sweatshirt. This trend is cheap and chic and all about having fun, adding an unexpected zing to otherwise understated outfits – go on, have a Butchers!

Get the D&G look with these Cascading Star Earrings £10 from ASOS

These over-size vintage-style opaque studs would have Pat salivating!

I will be buying these to wear with a plain back cropped jumper and jeans - Pieces Lilly Tortoisehell Hoop Earrings from ASOS £12

Scroll down for a style snap!

Lipsy Logo Mirror Shard Earrings £6 from ASOS

And finally how amazing would these wonders look with a scruffy grey tshirt? Resin hoop earring with wrapped chain detail £12 from ASOS


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