The Ikea man crèche: feminist fail or shopping solution?

Fear not Snap Fashion fans, we have not completely lost it in order to rant about flat-packed wardrobes but we are intrigued by the news that Ikea has launched an experimental man crèche at a store in Australia with plans to possibly roll them out globally.

We learnt this from Eva Wiseman’s hilarious column in The Guardian. This man Mecca is apparently based on the store’s Småland (kid’s play area with legendary ball pit) but with hot dogs, TVs and computer games; a sort of sports Shangri-La – leaving the women to trawl isles of scintillating bookcases and identikit cutlery, (I like Ikea so wouldn’t really mind) but this does seem to be passing the shopping buck somewhat.

But what do you think? This seems to me to be a bit of a feminist hot potato: Women are empowered to make decisions shopping for stuff vs. They can do all the work for hot-dog-eating-TV-watching men.

Would you welcome a man crèche in your favourite fashion shop- install the bf at a sofa with a bag of crisips and Top Gear on Dave, while you peruse the vast selection of clothing and try on every shoe in Topshop Oxford Circus, for example?

Or would you welcome a girl zone in Ikea or other typically less female-friendly shops? Having said that, could you imagine
the outrage if you were asked (as a girl) if you’d like to sit on a fluffy pink sofa and look at pictures of dresses while your partner chooses a mobile phone/car/laptop? This is a minefield!

It’s a well-known fact that generally speaking men and women have different shopping habits and shops spend a fortune tempting both sexes to buy their products. But are gender-specific crèches really the future of shopping?


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