Discovery Monday: Oxfam Vintage

So…shopping for vintage clothes. Some people love rummaging a car bootsales, others favour boutiques with ‘good vintage’ prices. Charity shops can be a goldmine for clothing and then of course there’s eBay.

But our new favourite is Oxfam Vintage and not just because the money goes to charity. We’ve popped into a number of Oxfam’s boutiques, which pick out second-hand gems as well as one-off items made for Oxfam, pieces hand made by volunteers and fair trade fashion. There are 9 of these in the UK and they’re great – a new kind of shopping experience that isn’t too boot sale or charity shop (you know that smell.)

Even better, you can shop online where everything is divided into decades and the clever people at Oxfam even recommend approximate UK dress sizes so you have a better chance of a garment fitting with minimal alterations than say buying off eBay.

Sooo not the normal charity shop

Today we’ve spotted a couture coat from the 1950s (regrettably it’s too big or we’d have snapped it up!) for £65, handy brown shift dress from the 1960s for £25, an on-trend 70s cord skirt for £8.99 and beautiful patterned maxi for just shy of £20. In fact 1970s fans, Oxfam Vintage is the place to be and there are so many gems!

Charity shopping goes high end

The stores are also trying to get people to share a story behind items of donated clothing. This really appeals to me as a) I’m nosy and b) it might persuade me to part with items of clothing that have sentimental value such as prom or bridesmaids dresses, which I’ll never wear again but need to know will be totally loved and go to a caring home.

Such a cute idea!

Go and discover Oxfam Vintage yourself and tell us what you think!

P.S. Images from Oxfam’s website and credited to David Levene + Karen Robinson.


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