Kim Kardashian: Capes and carousels!

Kim Kardashian has scored a trend hat-trick. How may you ask? Take a look.

1)     We recently wrote about the fashion face-off at the Snap Fashion office: capes vs ponchos. It seems like Kim has joined Team Cape (and bonus points for Heritage trend lovers, it’s in check) and she proves you don’t have to look like Sherlock Holmes! Leighton Meester, Fearne Cotton & Rachel Bilson are all fans btw.

2)     Take every opportunity to ride carousels – if it’s good enough for Kate Moss and Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week we’ll give it a go and Kim Kardashian has jumped on this circular bandwagon.

3)     Kim also rocks a 70s floppy hat. We’re not sure about over-the-knee boots with such a short dress but the suede also adds another retro touch to the outfit. P.S. Olivia Palermo and Rachel Zoe also love a floppy hat!

KK fashionably horsing around

Quick change to make a trend hat trick

Pics: The DM.


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