Lust have: Jonathan Saunders for Symthson diary

We saw this collection and swooned – Jonathan Saunders has designed a small number of diaries and iPad cases inspired by his beautifully simple A/W 11 collection for stationary masters Smythson.

So beautiful!

Prices start at £140 for the ‘Panama’ diary but if you look at it/ use it every day of the year it kind of works out as a bargain don’t you think? The collection is split into green/blue and red/camel colours with Saunders’ signature flower and bird print fabric inside. We’re obsessed with Smythson books at the best of times so this really is a dream collaboration.

And it gets even better inside! *must make effort with my handwriting!*

Will you be putting one of these on your Christmas list or do you completely rely on your smartphone to organise your life now-a-days? (In which case check out the new Jil Sander phone – yes really!)

The only improvement to this outfit would be a matching JS iPad case!

My fav: super cute Panama diary £140

This model is like a walking JS for Smythson diary!


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