Fashion Maths: Suede Shorts or 70s outfit?

We’re always in a pickle about whether to refresh our wardrobes and try new trends by snapping up cheap + chic items on the high street or investing in a key more expensive and generally higher-quality seasonal item and wearing it to death! Thoughts?

We’ve already shared some of our favourite shorts with you and they’re definitely super useful in this changeable Autumn weather and can be styled up to fit a multitude of trends.

For pear-shaped girls, mid-length shorts can look super flattering on curvy thighs. Look for neat, streamlined styles that aren’t too tight round the legs with pockets on the back, which look slimming.

Short shorts lengthen legs and look great on Apple-shaped girls to show off lean legs. Avoid really high retro-style waists or super low-slung shorts that can emphasise the stomach area.

Athletic or column-shaped girls look great in shorts but rouching, gathering and pleated 70s-styles emphasise feminine curves.

So body shape tips over, here’s the dilemma…

Would you pick this pair of incredibly beautiful and on-trend pair of Suede burgundy shorts for £65 (perhaps a little more than you’d usually pay for shorts) or get an (almost) outfit for the same price?

The fashion equation: Shorts + 70s floppy hat + sheer blouse = £65 or one pair of suede shorts

Super beautiful suede shorts £65 from Miss Selfridge


Tan 70s pocket blouse £29.50 from Dorothy Perkins (on-trend and looks great with denim and shorts)


Burgundy jeanie cord shorts just £10 from Fashion Union *bargain!*


THE accessory of the seaon: Black floppy hat £25 from Miss Selfridge

So let us know…would you go for the investment or the outfit?

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