Super-Flattering Coats for Your Bodyshape

We’ve been trying to put it off for a while, but we might as well admit it – Autumn/Winter 2011 is definitely here. I personally love Autumn clothing and have a bit of a coat obsession. Here at Snap Fashion we’re working on technology to let you know your body shape and recommend clothes that would suit you. In the meantime we’re here to help, with our guide on how to pick the best winter coat for you!

Inverted Triangles

Do you have athletic shoulders and taper down into a slender frame, al la Cheryl Cole? In that case you’re an inverted triangle. Ok, so it’s not the nicest sounding of all of the body shapes, but you’re very lucky when it comes to picking a winter coat, and clothes in general.

Because of your shoulders, you are one of the few body types that can pick coats there are cut close to the hips and embrace ruffles, pleats, peplums and general volume on your coat of choice (as a pear I am very jealous!)


The volume on the skirt of this coat will look fantastic and balance out your shoulders. ASOS - £90.


High-necked – check, flared – check, pocket detailing at the hips – check. Is this the perfect figure flattering coat for you? Love the retro colour too! ASOS - £90


I love a good duffle coat, and although this one sits right on the hips it will look fantastic on you, and keep you extra warm! Topshop - £70


Think Scarlett, Marilyn, Nigella… all women with fantastic hourglass figures. You don’t want to swamp your fabulous figure in a bulky coat, so we recommend that you pick a coat that’s structured and nipped in at the waist.

The great thing about having an hourglass figure is that you don’t need to trick the eye into seeing perfect proportions. A good tip from us is to look at the clothing on the hanger – if it seems balanced there, and your eye isn’t naturally drawn to oversized lapels or huge fur trims on your hips, it’ll probably look great on you!


The timeless trench coat. Dorothy Perkins - £69


This is a coat for the petite hourglass figure. If you've got a fuller, curvier figure, stay away from high necks as they could make you seem more bulky than you are! We absolutely love the military detailing and extreme flare on the skirt.


The “apple figure” gets a lot of bad press, and we’ll be the first to say it in massive capital letters: APPLE DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE FAT! It means you have less definition around the tummy area compared to the hourglass figure, and you’ve usually got amazingly toned legs and arms. So, now that I’ve got that out of my system, on to coats!

Stick to structured, belted coats to give yourself a bit more of a waist. As an apple you can really experiment and have fun with your coats. It’s all about creating that hourglass illusion. Want to try out puffball sleeves? Balance it out with an uber-flared skirt – it will draw an eye to your curves and make your legs even more teeny tiny!


This coat ticks all of the boxes – the colour blocking creates definition on your waist without the use of a belt (and keeps you bang on trend), and the flared detailing makes for a classy and retro way of experimenting with your shape. Dorothy Perkins - £80.


Beautiful: puff-ball sleeves, flared skirt and a belt, all in firey red. Love the cute collar too! Vila - £85


As a pear you’re the opposite of an inverted triangle: petite in the shoulders, and wider towards the tip. And this is no bad thing. Celebrity pears include Keira Knightley and Sharika.

As you can probably guess, you want to avoid coats that gather and pleat around your hips, and instead draw the eye upwards, using buttons, lapel detailing and interesting shoulders.

Really fantastic coat that has interesting detailing to draw attention to your upper half. Our only criticism – it could do with being a bit longer! This is definitely one to try on and see, but could be a great investment piece for your wardrobe. Ted Baker - £209

Super cute peter pan collar + fur trim hood + military detailing = the perfect coat for pears! ASOS - £80, but the blue one is only £48


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