Alexa Chung – new TV show 24 Hour Catwalk

We can’t wait to see Alexa Chung’s new TV show, 24 Hour Catwalk, which will debut on US telly channel, Lifetime, Teen Vogue reports.

Alexa hosts the show which follows four designers for 24 hours as they compete against each other crafting fashionable creations in order to bag the $10,000 prize.

There are three judges (designer Cynthia Rowley, publicist James LaForce and Derek Blasberg) but the show is being described as a younger version of Project Runway (that’s gotta sting for Heidi Klum!)

If it didn’t Alexa’s comment is bound to… “With a lot of other fashion shows, it’s not actually relevant. I only wanted to do this if it was going to be a genuine search for designers and if I would be working alongside people who are legitimate in the fashion industry.”

Alexa is the only 'it girl' who can carry off bunny ears!

We’re particularly excited about seeing this show as Alexa told the magazine: “I’ve been trying to wear quite big outfits. I don’t want to look naff. I think it should be a true reflection of what’s going on in fashion.”

We remarked that Alexa’s look for the front cover of Teen Vogue is 1960s inspired (again) and we’d love to see her work some different trends. Apparently she’s borrowed some seriously high-end designer pieces like Chanel and Proenza Schouler beauties after supposedly blowing her clothing budget on one Balenciaga leather jacket.

While she claims her New York Wardrobe is pretty empty (what? No freebies from her Madewell collection?) Her London pad is a stuffed with clothes. Having topped so many ‘best dressed’ lists you would have thought that Alexa must be super organised on the fashion front. Instead she reportedly claims she picks through a ‘swamp’ of clothes. “I’m worried if it’s neatly arranged, I won’t be able to get dressed,” she adds.

It’s hardly surprising that she lists her wardrobe staples as: a Burberry trench, Breton tops, little white dresses and ‘school girl’ inspired items. Her style icons include Mick Jagger, The Beatles and Marie-Antoinette and she describes her look as ‘understated’ – nothing too sexy or complicated.

A Marie-Antoinette day?

Alexa joked to Teen Vogue that she should write a book called Alexicon to explain her sense of style…we really wish she would!

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One response to “Alexa Chung – new TV show 24 Hour Catwalk”

  1. chameleonic says :

    she’s got amazing style, but im not a fan of that pink dress… 😦

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