Controversial celeb photographer Tyler Shields: Love or loathe?

Is it art or attention seeking? Clever + Edgy or a step too far?

Arty photographer to the stars, Tyler Shields is in hot water (again) this time about a set of photos of Glee’s Heather Morris that allude to domestic violence (in a playful way?!) and Mischa Barton chewing provocatively on raw meat. Although Tyler specialises in nudity, guns, violence, gore and sexually provocative scenes in his work.

Controversy aside, there is no doubt of Tyler’s influence, particularly among Hollywood’s hottest and most fashionable starlets – particularly Diana Agron, Emma Roberts, style crush Juno Temple and Linsay Lohan. Tell us what you think!

Tiara + cake - we love this Emma Roberts pic!

Lindsay Lohan jumps on the sexy vampire bandwagon!

Fellow Glee girl Heather Morris poses with a black eye...tasteless or thought provoking?

A bit of gore- Juno Temple + Emma Roberts

Tyler's pics are often rather 'in your face!'


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