Couple pushes for US law to reveal Photoshop trickery

Here at Snap Fashion we’re all about boosting women’s self-esteem whatever their shape or size via our body shape technology (out soon!)

So we were really pleased to hear that a couple in the US behind online magazine Off Our Chests are pushing for a Self Esteem Act to reveal photo trickery in the media that portrays unrealistic body images and raises the bar when it comes to ideals  of ‘perfection’.

Eva and Seth Matlins want Photoshopped images to come with a disclaimer that an image has been significantly touched up.

The couple told uberblog Jezebel: “We can’t ignore that our beauty culture is having wildly negative effects on girls and women. Real, serious, and enduring problems occur when we don’t recognize that the images and ideals of the human form being presented in the media are setting unrealistic expectations and standards for our country’s female population.”

We agree. While they are talking about the US, the problem is endemic across the globe with British and French lawmakers already bringing the issue to the fore.

The couple were apparently inspired by the Dove ‘real beauty’ campaign and Self-Esteem Fund stats, which found that 8 in 10 women said ‘perfect’ media images of women make them feel insecure about their own looks.

They reportedly said: “When generations of women compare themselves to images, ideals and standards that are unattainable, when generations of men are taught to believe that’s what people should look like, the evidence for action and
change is morally incontrovertible.”

We say Go Team Matlins!

Here in the UK Lib Dem Jo Swinson kicked up a fuss about adverts starring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington following complaints and apparently argued that airbrushing creates a fake impression of beauty.

Would you like to see an airbrushed warning sign on altered images or do you think people have generally wised up to photo trickery?


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