Pouch power!

The pouch: where have you been all my life? I’ve had love affairs with cute little clutches, huge totes (cue much rummaging) and even impractical bucket bags…but that was before I met the versatile pouch.

I picked mine up in a Marc Jacobs sale and it’s amazing for keeping mini things in a big bag or electronics that you don’t want scratched. And even better you can use it as a clutch. I’ve never got so much mileage from one bag!

And I’m not the only fan. Designer Rebecca Minkoff has an enviable pouch collection (Thank you The Coveteur blog) but here are our picks too.Enjoy and trust me…pouch up and your life will never be the same again!*

*Or at least you won’t have to transfer all the bits from bags every couple of days!

Rebecca Minkoff: pouch addict!

Rebecca Minkoff-designed pouch (gold not included!)

Polka dotty for this Comme des Garcons beauty

Zipped Currency pouch from the Lapis Collection £160 by Smythson

Cute and simple Marc by Marc Jacobs pouch


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