Unlikely Fashion Icon: Marc Bolan

Alexa Chung gets her style Inspiration from Mick Jagger and The Beatles, which got us thinking of other male style icons’ looks that we could steal!

Behold T-Rex star Marc Bolan and his lavish fashion sense mixing metallics, faux fur, loud patterns and glitter – the very definition of stylish Glam Rock…perfect for this A/W.

Think Marc Bolan when shopping the glam rock trend

The great news is that the ASOS Revive collection and Topshop’s Glam Rockette numbers make getting this OTT look super easy.

So glam-ASOS REVIVE Sequin Wrap Front Mini Dress £150

Marabou feather bomber £95 from Topshop (not for the faint hearted!)

Premium velvey playsuit £55 from Topshop. So 70s and so now

Surprisingly wearable- Ambush glitter side zip ankle boots £80 from Topshop


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