Cold Cures: How to feel better Snap Fashion style (part one)

Here at Snap Fashion, we’ve fallen prey to the common cold and are feeling rather sorry for ourselves. But the road to recovery starts here!

Step 1: recuperating/moping indoors!

Colds aren’t pretty and sometimes you just need to make a sofa nest and snuggle up with a favourite film. We figure, if we’re going to mope we want to look as good as possible and here are some cute and cuddly nightwear picks to watch our favourite fashion-related films in!

Cashmere mix hareem trous £28 from Topshop - so soft and you can open to the door to the postman sans shame

Cath Kidston Shooting Stars bath robe £75 from John Lewis - Amazing!

How cute are these?! Snowflake + heart fur trim fairisle slippers £20 from Accessorize

And keep on-trend with out favouite thing (ever?!) Dalmatian!!!!

OMG it has a face! Dalmatian print all-in-one £36 from Topshop

And for the entertainment….our 5 fashion-related feel-good flicks. Stock up on chocolate and plenty of super soft quilted tissue (Chanel-style!) Out top 5 list includes a Hollywood icon, mother of all 90s chick flicks and a Disney film (obligatory when ill) set in super chic Paris. Bon chance!

Ugly Betty for fashion meets fell-good

Some Like It Hot - Marilyn, so many dresses and a great laugh

The Devil Wears Prada (and Anne Hathaway picks Chanel!)


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