Cold Cures: How to feel better Snap Fashion style (part two)

So you’ve watched some great films and indulged in some fantastically cute nightwear but after a couple of days of sofa-based wallowing it’s time to leave the house/apartment!

The problem is, that if you’re like me, you have a little too much in common with Rudolph the reindeer and still feel the need to wear a dressing gown all day long- which can be frowned upon at work.

The next best thing to living in s blanket with sleeves is a cape or poncho and they’re even on trend! A hoodie is perfectly acceptable to venture out to the shops in (and the hood can hide a multitude of sins!)

To get rid of that red nose concealer is a blessing and one of our favourite YouTube make-up gurus has created a list of her own top picks available on the high street.

For a fun take on your making the most of your cold why not get some fashion inspiration from those cold and flu tablets? They make for great colour-blocking combos! If it’s good enough for Pippa Middleton, Rihanna, Camilla Belle and Whitney

Celebs work the colour-block trend

Get some fashion inspiration from your cold medication?!

...or Richard Nicholl's fab colection!

Pics: My Fashion Life + Goddiva.


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One response to “Cold Cures: How to feel better Snap Fashion style (part two)”

  1. agirlastyle says :

    Teehee, love your witty spin on how to look better when you’re struck down with the flu!

    Briony xx

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