Golden girl Kate Moss sells for £577k

Ok, so the real Kate Moss has thankfully not been sold, but an 18 carat gold statue of the super model has sold for £577,250 at Sotheby’s auction house.

The statue, called Mircrocosmos (or Siren) which is of Kate in a revealing yoga pose, dressed in her pants was apparently snapped up by an anonymous Asian phone bidder, according to a story in The DM.

The statue that sold is actually a mini version of artist Marc Quinn’s 50kg art work that grabbed a lot of newspaper space created in 2008. The supersized version cost £1.5m to make in gold alone, while the mini version cost £200,000 in the costly metal.

Kate Moss: Worth her weight in gold!

We wondered why the statue was named ‘Siren’ but now Quinn has reportedly revealed that: “It’s called Siren, because in a sense it represents everything that lures people to wreck themselves on the rocks: money, perfection, unattainable images – all these things.”

In case you were wondering, the statue is hollow and is believed to weight around the same as the real Kate Moss, who modelled for the artist, but apparently didn’t have to hold (or indeed get into) that yoga pose!

Apparently a yoga pro struck the pose but the body, hands and feet etc are modelled on Kate Moss (as well as the face – obvs!)


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