Too fat or too skinny? Give Mischa Barton a break!

There are some celebs that certain newspapers love to hate and Mischa Barton is one of them! The former OC actress has remained in the media spotlight after her starring role in the hit TV series and her weight has come under scrutiny several times.

After pointing out the Mischa had got more curvaceous last year, The Daily Mail has now decided that she’s far too skinny. Sure she’s looking svelte but we think she’s probably gone on a health kick and that this might just be a slightly unflattering photo (after all, they did pick a photo of her picking her nose in the same article).

Much-maligned Mischa!

We just wish the media would be kinder to women and not criticise their body shape! A couple in the US are so concerned about ideas of ‘perfect’ beauty in the media and the negative effect it has on ordinary women that they are trying to make an air brush warning law!

Note to the media: Give women a break!

Pics from The DM.


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