Barbie becomes latest celeb to rock pink hair trend

Barbie has had every job going and rocked every possible fashion trend in recent years (the engineering/computer scientist one made us chuckle) but her latest look- pink hair and tattoos has attracted the critics.

Behold the $50 limited edition Barbie by Italian Brand (with a Japan- inspired look) Tokidoki’s Barbie.

Has Barbie gone too far?

She does indeed have tattoos (parents apparently unimpressed) but also a frightening dog dressed up as a cactus called ‘Bastardino’ and that unrealistically thin body shape she’s associated with. Bad role model or just a bit of fun you decide!

The doll does seem to be a collector’s item for grown-ups though and even ASOS now sells LBD Barbies – presumably for fashion-loving women who want to hark back to their childhood.

Barbies aside, the iconic doll is only the latest in a line of celebs (Fearne Cotton, Katy Perry, Glee‘s Diana Agron, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen) to embrace pink hair. Who’s your favourite?

Fearne's candyfloss do

Diana's in the pink for Glee

Katy Perry chooses a super sweet shade

Lady Gaga channels Barbie's fav pink

Lily Allen does bubblegum pink


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One response to “Barbie becomes latest celeb to rock pink hair trend”

  1. Sadistica says :

    Lady Gaga’s ‘Pink’ hair is a bad photoshop job… But would suit her though…

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