Shoe nut? This book’s for Choo!

Stiletto’s at the ready; there’s a fight for space on your coffee table as Jimmy Choo has just released a fashionable tome shortly after another giant of the shoe world – Christian Louboutin.

Jimmy Choo XV celebrates 15 years of the designer footwear and aptly showcases 15 iconic designs with photos by Mario Testino and Terry Richardson as well as plenty of red carpet celeb images from the paparazzi…shoe porn!

The book is also packed with sketches to show the journey of the Choo shoe and includes 8 chapters discussing topics such as the use of animal prints and powerful stilettos.

Suits Choo!

Bookcase space will be contested by Christian Louboutin who has launched his own book celebrating 20 years of his amazing red-shoed creations.

The swanky volume is bound in faux pink leather and has gilded pages with a cunning fold-out design. The creations inside are equally lavish detailing some of his most spectacular shoes made for celebrities, such as  the ‘Dita Cabaret’ diamond-tipped and crystal ballroom-look shoes made for Dita Von Teese.

Photography comes courtesy of David Lynch with a foreword by John Malkovich.

The Choo book is out in February but shoppers can get it early at Jimmy Choo shops for £60, meanwhile Louboutin’s book is out at the end of this month for £85. (So about the same price as a couple of pairs of high street shoes?!)

Will you be buying either?

Pic: The Telegraph.


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