Versace for H&M: The price list!

We’ve talked about the Versace for H&M collection before and received mixed responses from you! To be honest, we’re very casual here at Snap Fashion HQ and leave bling to the WAGs and TOWIE, but even we’re slightly smitten with a number of items from this OTT collection.

If you’re a Versace fan you’ll want to get queuing for the launch on 17 November as it’s sure to be a sell-out.  The handy thing is that Glamour has revealed the pricing so you can get saving for the big day….we just wish they would lift the lid on the accessories as we want the iconic Versace belt!

It doesn;t get more iconic than this: Leather dress £179.99, Bracelet £19.99, Suede boots £79.99

Silk dress £129.99 + Leather bracelet £29.99 (how much is that bag?!)

We want this silk top! £39.99, Silk skirt £69.99 and bargain leather jacket £149.99

Pretty in pink silk dress £129.99

LOVE this Silk dress £79.99, Bag £69.99 and Suede boots £79.99

Statement items: Silk bustier £69.99 and Trousers £39.99

More pics of scarier pieces at Glamour!


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