Dior’s in the money!

This French fashion house has weathered a scandal, lost one of the world’s most talented designers and dealt with the recession…and still boosted its revenues by 18.7 percent.

You’ve got to give it to Dior for not letting the John Galliano fiasco affect its sales. According to WWD, Dior’s handbag sales have done particularly well – perhaps because of the lush advertising campaign with Marion Cotillard or the revival of the ‘ladylike’ trend (thanks Kate Middleton) and consequently the ‘Lady Dior’ range.

Younger people are now lusting after a Dior quilted bag too- I am one of them- and I admit this may partially be because of Blair Waldorf’s obsession with the beautiful bag in Gossip Girl. (Oh the power of advertising!)

LOVE the bag!

So here’s the numbers bit. Apparently Dior’s sales have risen by 18.7 percent this calendar year, reaching €705 million – not bad when people are still in the grips of an almost-recession. (Although the luxury market traditionally doesn’t do too badly compared to some other goods markets).

So how have they done it? We’ve had a few guesses!

-Perhaps die-hard Galliano fans have swooped on the last Galliano/Dior pieces and bought up the current A/W11 season clothes; the designer’s last collection for the Parisian fashion house before he was sacked for his bizarre anti-Semitic outburst.

-There is no such thing as bad publicity and Galliano’s unfortunate sacking has thrust Dior into the limelight

-Recessions are strange things. Traditionally it has been found that people ‘treat’ themselves to high end cosmetics like lipsticks in place of a shopping spree for example. We bet that Dior’s cosmetics and perfume sales have been epic!

-Dior’s advertising campaigns have been beautiful!

-People have a lot of faith in Bill Gaytten, who is holding the fort as Dior’s creative director-ish until Galliano is officially replaced with another huge name. While the SS12 collection received less-tha-gushing reviews we really liked it and maybe this ‘safe’ approach has weathered the design house well at a time where people like conservative styles.

Our final thought is this- if the Dior team have done such an incredible job at making money in such harsh circumstances, shouldn’t we put them in charge of the European Central Bank or something?!

Our fav advert: Miss Dior Cherie with Natalie Portman directed by Sophia Coppola – SO classy!


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