Oasis offers unique digital ordering service with in-store iPads

The renovation of Oasis’ flagship London store has been going on for a while and it’s not only the layout and shop fixtures that have got a make-over as Oasis has apparently launched a new digital ordering service.

We plan on checking this out on Tuesday when we’re in the area, but for now we’ve pieced the changes together from various articles.

Apparently Oasis’ staff are now armed with iPads and there is a service in the changing rooms so shoppers can order clothes right there and then and have them delivered to their home. This sounds relatively clever for buying clothes on busy weekends (think Christmas urgh) as you’ll be able to pay for the item from the iPad and skip the long queues.

The receipt and item will reportedly be sent to your home in 90 MINUTES! Apparently the service will be free for those spending over £100 and £9.99 for those buying less.

This might be handy if say you’ve bought a coat, which you don’t want to lug around, but otherwise it seems a little excessive for a t-shirt (not to mention pricey) and we wonder whether this means you’ll have to get home within 1 and a half hours to sign for your shopping?! (We will ask when we pop in!)

However our initial scepticism might be misplaced as in the first week, Oasis has apparently made a fifth of its sales via the iPad digital delivery service and the store plans on rolling the service out across the UK.

New Look are debuting a BodyMetrics fitting service in their London flagship (again we’re going to be guinea pigs for you) and it seems that the high street is trying to get ‘cleverer’ in its selling techniques. Just wait till our visual search app and body shape technology launches next year!

So far Oasis is the only shop offering this digital ordering service – would you use it?

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