Unlikely Fashion Icon: Tintin

It’s that time again folks- we’ve given you Pat Butcher and Marc Bolan – now try Tintin…the perfect inspiration for this season’s hot androgynous look.

Style icon!

Now we’re not suggesting you opt for a ginger quiff (although there’s nothing wrong with that!) but there are certain styling
tips you can take from Belgium’s premier journalist.

1)     Slightly geeky jumpers are this season’s most handy item. Why not channel Tintin and opt for a cornflower blue with a cute collar poking out. As well as a neat jumper, a crisp white shirt buttoned to the top is a must to tick that Androgynous box – well done Tintin.

2)     On hotter Autumnal days roll your trousers up to the ankle Dolce & Gabbana style. You score extra points if you add some braces Tintin style and team with…

3)     …Brogues! Another must-have for the trend conscious.

Androgynous catwalk-style: Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana + Yves Saint Laurent

4)     When coat shopping looks for  boyish shapes like a tweed cocoon shape or a billowing belted trench.

5)     And finally accessorise with a cute snowy dog!

Run to the shops to steal his style!

P.S. who is excited about Steven Spielberg’s Tintin film out soon?!


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