Chocolate fashion show melt-down

We’re used to seeing runway tumbles but melting dresses?

The Salon du Chocolat hosted a chocolate-themed fashion show in Paris leaving rench TV presenter Karine Ferri a litte flustered after the chocolate creation she was modelling melted – or more accurately shattered.

Chocolate week has only just passed and we were inspired to dress in Cadbury’s colours but this level of devotion might be a little too much for us!

The problem with chcolate skirts...

Another incredible chocolate creation

Apparently this is an ice cream cone! We're guessing the designer ran out of steam?


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2 responses to “Chocolate fashion show melt-down”

  1. katherine jones says :

    wow is that really true and awesome a dress you could eat , but I think it should be about alittle better if you could make a chocolate that could reset the summer and not melt!

  2. katherine jones says :

    not so impressing now that you look at it not so good

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