Discovery Monday: Folksy

We’ve all heard of Etsy- the US-based online marketplace selling individuals’ craft handiworks…but I only found out about the British equivalent a couple of weeks ago…and despite the slightly home-made earthy name, there are some fashion gems.

Handmade chunky burgundy snood for £30, soft leather satchel for under £40, printed t-shirts, woven banana paper clutch bag for £10, Lego-style stud earrings £6, vintage-style underwear, Andy Warhol-esque Campbell’s soup necklace, for £8, facinators and silk scarfs that look more Hermes than handmade.

We LOVE this digitally printed silk scarf in 'Frozen Smoke' by Chloe Taylor - £40

And this sophisticated 'Kingsmail' bracelet for £20...not what you'd expect from a home made craft site, right?


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One response to “Discovery Monday: Folksy”

  1. Sarah Weekes says :

    Folksy is awesome. I love it so much more than Etsy which can come across far too full of itself on occasion.

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