Snap Fashion Feature Update

Hi everyone,

Jenny here again.  I thought that this week, instead of being all opinionated, I would keep you all up-to-date on what is happening with Snap Fashion.  I’ll take you all the way back to the beginning…

I invented Snap Fashion while I was studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol.  It’s basically a visual search engine for fashion – if you see something that you like on the high-street, on the telly, in a magazine, on a celeb, or even on the catwalk, upload a picture to Snap Fashion and we’ll find you similar items in seconds.  Pretty simple really.

Since then the idea has evolved and the whole team is working extra hard to get Snap Fashion ready for launch.  The technology has evolved since graduating in 2009, and so has the functionality.  So, what are we going to be releasing?  Snap Fashion will be available on our website as well as a mobile app.  The bit that I’m personally really excited about is body shape analysis.  Now we can find you what you’re looking for, but tell you if it will suit you based on your body shape.  All we need is your picture and (for all of you sceptics out there) it’s all done automatically by my lovely algorithms.

As a business we’ve grown a huge amount, and Snap has gone being a one-man band to a group of people who are dedicated to getting it out there and (more importantly) making it as good as possible.  We don’t want to launch a geeky experiment – we want to launch the ultimate user experience, glossy, beautiful, and easy to use.  This is why we’re taking our sweet time about it, but never fear, it will be worth it in the end!  What’s the point in doing something if you don’t do it well?

If you’d like to get yourself on our beta tester list then check out the website:, and there’s a quick web form to fill in.  Don’t worry – we won’t spam or share your data!

Also worth a mention, we’re now open for our first round of investment after winning the Technology Strategy Board’s Tech City competition.  If you’re an investor and think that you can bring something to the team or fancy getting involved in the early stages of a truly awesome company (not at all biased) then get in touch!  You can find my email address on the website.

Any questions for the team?  Any features that you want to see?  Comment away – I do listen, promise!



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