H&M debuts The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collection

Not content with exciting us with the Versace for H&M collection hitting the shops next month, the high street chain has taken inspiration from best-selling novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to give us a grungy collection.

Novel character Lizabeth Salander definitely counts as as an unlikely fashion icon but come December we’re sure we’ll be channelling her look with the help of Hennies.

Back to Black- a far cry for the Versace collection!

Of course the book is due to be released as a film (again!) before Christmas starring Rooney Mara and the H&M collection is created by costume designer Trish Summerville. There are lots of leather and pleather jackets, hoodies and distressed jeans with a touch of grunge and gothic as you’d expect.

As a major grunge fan, I’m quite excited by this collection (although I wouldn’t wear everything at the same time Anna dello Russo style and look too like Lizabeth!

Of course we’ve already seen Banana Republic’s successful Mad Men collection but is there something slightly naff about dressing as a book/TV character? Or will this spawn a new fashion craze?

Harry Potter capes? Jane Austen bonnets or JD Salinger baseball caps? Alice in Wonderland dresses or Wizard of Oz slippers? (We should probably get in touch with H&M;)


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