Inside Tamara Ecclestone’s wardrobe

We’re a huge fan of The Coveteur (if you haven’t discovered this blog yet, it’s like fashionable Through the Keyhole) and love seeing people’s collections of clothes and accessories – we’re just nosy.

While The Coveteur doesn’t ‘do’ the UK (yet) Closer magazine [via The DM] has got a peek inside Tamara Ecclestone’s wardrobe and it’s slightly mindboggling in terms of quantity, labels and shoe organisation.

Next time someone tells me to reduce my shoe collection I'm showing them this!

Most of us have a bit of a ‘thing’ for shoes or handbags but due to space and budget constraints draw the line somewhere under around £100k’s worth of handbags- which is what TE is estimated to have stashed in her walk in wardrobe (let’s just call it blinged Narnia).

The model/TV presenter/reality star (let’s be honest now, Bernie Eccleston the £2.5bn F1 mogul’s little girl) is thought to have around 100 pairs of Louboutins, 15 pairs of Uggs plus plenty of Ginas and Jimmy Choos and handbag-wise TE told the magazine she probably has 20 Hermes Birkin bags but ‘has lost count’ and her bag collection tops around £100k.

Excessive or excellent?

TE also claims to only wear clothes once and her mum, former Armani model reportedly gives unwanted clothing to charity shops and family in Croatia – we have visions of a village all decked out in body-con dresses and diamontes.

We’ll be honest- TE’s style is not our cup-of-tea but it’s intriguing all the same. Do you love peeking inside other people’s wardrobes as much as us?!


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